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A New Family of Double-Sided Triangular Inserts with 6 Helical Cutting Edges

ISCAR is introducing another evolution of the original HELIDO line: HELIDO H690, a new family of tools for 90° milling. The new H690 TNKX 1606… triangular inserts feature 6 helical right-hand cutting edges and are very strong due to their thickness.
The HELIDO H690 helical design of the triangular insert, coupled with a rigid pocket design, provides extremely high durability and very stable performance. The tools can machine accurate 90° shoulders up to 14 mm depth, and in addition perform slotting, ramping down and facing operations.

The H690 - family of tools for 90° milling. Double sided insert. Triangular insert with 6 cutting edges. Available in cutting edge length of 16 mm.

  • Economical - 6 cutting edges.
  • High Positive Cutting Edge for Soft and Easy Cut,
  • Rigid Pocket Design
  • large Screw clamping
  • Rigid thick inserts
  • Reinforced cutting edge.
  • Coolant holes for each insert
  • Coarse and fine pitch cutters
  • Less vibration and low power consumption
  • Tool designed for ramp down operation suitable for Steel , Stainless & Cast Iron
  • For roughing /semi finishing applications.

Operation capability:
Diameter range:
  • Metric: 50-250 mm
  • Imperial: 2.0-8.0"

Insert sizes: 16 mm

  • IC830
  • IC330
  • IC808
  • IC810
  • IC5100

For more information about the H690-16 line, click here.<
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