GTIN ER-DIN (tapping) : ER collet tapping attachments, tension and compression DIN type used for CNC milling and turret lathe machines. A compact design with a misalignment compensating mechanism.
  DesignationSSd2STap minTap maxTKgGICATGIREMgiic
  GTIN ER32 DIN 2.50X2.10 ER322.502.10M1M1.820.00.204548059 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 2.80X2.10 ER322.802.10M2M420.00.224548060 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 3.50X2.70 ER323.502.70M3M520.00.224548061 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 4.00X3.00 ER324.003.00M3.5M3.520.00.214548062 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 4.50X3.40 ER324.503.40M4M620.00.204548063 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 6.00X4.90 ER326.004.90M5M820.00.204548064 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 7.00X5.50 ER327.005.50M7M1020.00.204548065 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 8.00X6.20 ER328.006.20M8M820.00.204548066 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 9.00X7.00 ER329.007.00M12M1220.00.224548067 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 10.00X8.00 ER3210.008.00M10M1020.00.224548068 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 11.00X9.00 ER3211.009.00M14M1420.00.214548069 0
  GTIN ER32 DIN 12.00X9.00 ER3212.009.00M16M1620.00.204548070 0

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No coolant should be induced through the tapping collet, as it will cause malfuncationing of the mechanism.