GTIN ER-JIS (tapping) : ER collet tapping attachments, tension and compression JIS type used for CNC milling and turret lathe machines. A compact design with a misalignment compensating mechanism.
  DesignationSSd2STap minTap maxTKgGICATGIREMgiic
  GTIN ER32 JIS 3.00X2.50 ER323.002.50M1M2.620.00.214548090 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 4.00X3.20 ER324.003.20M3M3.520.00.214548091 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 5.00X4.00 ER325.004.00M4M420.00.214548092 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 5.50X4.50 ER325.504.50M5M520.00.224548093 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 6.00X4.50 ER326.004.50M6M620.00.224548094 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 6.20X5.00 ER326.205.00M8M820.00.224548095 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 7.00X5.50 ER327.005.50M10M1020.00.214548096 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 8.50X6.50 ER328.506.50M12M1220.00.204548097 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 10.50X8.00 ER3210.508.00M14M1420.00.204548098 0
  GTIN ER32 JIS 12.50X10.00 ER3212.5010.00M16M1620.00.204548099 0

No coolant should be induced through the tapping collet as it will cause malfunction of the mechanism
Fits every type of ER 32 collet chuck, stationary and rotating
Compensates for machine feed and tap pitch variance
Floating mechanism compensates for misalignment between tap and workpiece
Hard start for rigid tapping
Compact design for minimal clearance