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RM-SRH-Q-MT : DIN 217 shell reamer shanks with a Morse taper 1:30 conical connection, an extraction nut, driving ring and a key.
  DesignationTsD min D max L2L1L3SSXs
  RM-SRH Q13-MT3 1325.0035.00250.00151.045.00MT30.00~0.00~S~~0.60~~IS$$19714727776129~159.00~4440127 0
  RM-SRH Q16-MT3 1636.0045.00261.00162.050.00MT30.00~0.00~S~~0.72~~IS$$19714736656384~117.00~4440128 0
  RM-SRH Q19-MT3 1948.0052.00298.00174.056.00MT30.00~0.00~S~~0.87~~IS$$39429495513411~0.00~4440129 0
  RM-SRH Q19-MT4 1948.0052.00273.00174.056.00MT40.00~0.00~S~~1.25~~IS$$39429495513411~124.50~4440130 0
  RM-SRH Q22-MT3 2255.0062.00312.00188.063.00MT30.00~0.00~S~~1.00~~IS$$39429531034453~0.00~4440131 0
  RM-SRH Q22-MT4 2255.0062.00312.00188.063.00MT4117.50~11.00~S~~1.55~~IS$$39429531034453~117.50~4440132 0
  RM-SRH Q27-MT4 2765.0075.00359.00203.071.00MT40.00~0.00~S~~1.97~~IS$$39429566555511~0.00~4440133 0
  RM-SRH Q27-MT5 2765.0075.00327.00203.071.00MT50.00~0.00~S~~3.15~~IS$$39429566555511~0.00~4440134 0

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