PICCO R/L 004-007 (radius) : Inserts featuring full radius for internal boring and profiling from 4.0 mm.
Right-hand shown
  DesignationdW±0.05faRl1l2TmaxD minR/LGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  PICCO R 004.0.50-16 1IC228 
  PICCO L 004.0.50-16 1IC228 
  PICCO R 005.0.50-20 1IC228 
  PICCO L 005.0.50-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 005.0.75-20 5.001.501.904.400.7535.0019.01.005.00R6403529 1IC228 
  PICCO L 005.0.75-20 5.001.501.904.400.7535.0019.01.005.00L6403530 1IC228 
  PICCO R 005.1.00-20 1IC228 
  PICCO L 005.1.00-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 006.0.50-25 1IC228 
  PICCO L 006.0.50-25 1IC228 
  PICCO R 006.0.75-25 6.001.502.305.300.7540.0024.01.806.00R6403535 1IC228 
  PICCO L 006.0.75-25 6.001.502.305.300.7540.0024.01.806.00L6403536 1IC228 
  PICCO R 006.1.00-25 1IC228 
  PICCO L 006.1.00-25 1IC228 
  PICCO R 007.0.50-30 1IC228 
  PICCO L 007.0.50-30 1IC228 
  PICCO R 007.0.75-30 7.001.502.806.300.7545.0029.02.506.80R6403541 1IC228 
  PICCO L 007.0.75-30 7.001.502.806.300.7545.0029.02.506.80L6403542 1IC228 
  PICCO R 007.1.00-30 1IC228 
  PICCO L 007.1.00-30 1IC228 

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