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PICCO-MFT : Solid carbide tools, for drilling, facing, int. and ext. turning and threading on Swiss and small CNC machines. Part of the PASSPORT system.
Right-hand shown
Right-hand shown
  DesignationdD minLPminPmaxtawTLL2YRR/LXs
  PICCO L-MFT60 6-4 L08 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-4 L08 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-4 L12 6.004.0012.00.5000.7500.463.900.0611.634.001.20.20R0.00~0.00~H~~0.01~~0.00~5530118 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 6-5 L10 6.005.0010.00.5001.0000.614.900. 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 6-5 L15   6.005.0015.00.5001.0000.614.900.0614.437.001.40.30L0.00~0.00~H~~0.01~~0.00~5530126 Available on request 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-5 L10 6.005.0010.00.5001.0000.614.900. 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-5 L15 6.005.0015.00.5001.0000.614.900.0614.437.001.40.30R0.00~0.00~H~~0.01~~0.00~5530120 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 6-6 L18   6.006.0018.00.5001.0000.615.900.0617.343.001.40.30L0.00~0.00~H~~0.01~~29.96~5530128 Available on request 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-6 L12 6.006.0012.00.5001.0000.615.900.0611. 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 6-6 L18 6.006.0018.00.5001.0000.615.900.0617.343.001.40.30R0.00~0.00~H~~0.01~~0.00~5530122 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 8-7 L14 8.007.0014.00.7501.2500.766.900.0913. 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 8-7 L14 8.007.0014.00.7501.2500.766.900.0913. 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 8-7 L21 8.007.0021.00.7501.2500.766.900.0920. 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 8-8 L16 8.008.0016.00.9001.5000.927.900.1115. 1IC908 
  PICCO L-MFT60 8-8 L24   8.008.0024.00.9001.5000.927.900.1123. Available on request 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 8-8 L16 8.008.0016.00.9001.5000.927.900.1115. 1IC908 
  PICCO R-MFT60 8-8 L24 8.008.0024.00.9001.5000.927.900.1123. 1IC908 
Applications: Drilling; face turning; internal chamfering; internal turning\boring; internal profiling; external chamfering; external turning; internal and external 60° threading (right- and left-hand)
For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry

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