GIP-UN : Precision inserts for external undercutting and recessing. Double-ended, P-type chipformer, large clearance angle for small diameters, not recommended for turning.
  DesignationW±0.05R±0.05D minMTmaxfg
GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  GIP 3.00-1.50UN 3.001.5035.002.404.000.050.156405227 4IC830 IC8250 IC808 IC20 
  GIP 4.00-2.0UN 4.002.0035. 2IC8250 IC20 

Not recommended for turning
For undercutting at 45° and D100 mm, other GIP inserts apply as well

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