XCMT-MF : Inserts for DR-MF multifunction tools. Two cutting edges for hard materials and interrupted cut. Low cutting forces due to high cutting edges and positive angles.
  XCMT 040104L-MF 4.406.371.700.407.083.55508821 1IC908 
  XCMT 040104R-MF 4.406.371.700.407.083.55591066 1IC908 
  XCMT 050204-MF 5.605.602.100.407.083.55506624 1IC908 
  XCMT 060204-MF 6.406.402.380.407.083.55506625 1IC908 
  XCMT 070304-MF 7.507.503.180.407.083.55506626 1IC908 
  XCMT 080304-MF 8.408.403.180.407.083.55506627 1IC908 
  XCMT 10T304-MF 10.5010.503.970.407.083.55506909 1IC908 
  XCMT 10T308-MF 10.5010.503.970.807.083.55508048 1IC908 
  XCMT 130404-MF 13.4013.404.760.407.083.55508049 1IC908 
  XCMT 130408-MF 13.4013.404.760.807.083.55508050 1IC908 
  XCMT 170508-MF 17.4017.405.560.807.083.55508051 1IC908 

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