MTECZ-BSPT : Solid carbide threading endmills with coolant holes located in the flutes, used for internal or external BSPT thread profile.
Application: General engineering fittings and pipe couplings
  DesignationTPIBSPTdShank DFluteapLGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  MTECZ 08078C14 28BSPT 28.0RC1/88.00C7.80314.1064.005606146 1IC908 
  MTECZ 1010D16 19BSPT 19.0RC1/4-3/810.00C10.00416.7073.005606147 1IC908 
  MTECZ 1616E26 14BSPT 14.0RC1/2-7/816.00C16.00526.30101.005606148 1IC908 
  MTECZ 1616D28 11BSPT 11.0RC1-216.00C16.00428.90101.005606149 1IC908 

With internal coolant hole

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