MT-NPS : External & internal NPS (American Standard Straight Pipe Thread) full profile thread milling inserts. Used for mechanical joining and pipe fittings.
  MT12 18 NPS Insert with one cutting edge. 1IC908 
  MT14 18 NPS 1IC908 
  MT14 14 NPS 1IC908 
  MT21 14 NPS 14.021.0012.004.705607055 1IC908 
  MT21 11.5 NPS 11.521.0012.004.705607050 1IC908 
  MT30 11.5 NPS 11.530.0016.005.515607096 1IC908 
  MT30 8 NPS 8.030.0016.005.515607103 1IC908 
  MT40 11.5 NPS 11.540.0020.006.305607138 1IC908 
  MT40 8 NPS 8.040.0020.006.305607142 1IC908 

The same insert for external & internal thread.
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