ONHU/ONMU-05 : Octagonal double-sided inserts with 16 cutting edges (HELIDO 845 line).
GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  ONHU 050500-PL   4.5013.003.505.20- For stainless steel and high temperature alloys 2IC330 IC830 
  ONHU 050500-R-HP 4.5013.003.505.20- 1IC830 
  ONHU 050505-TN   5.0013.003.505.200.50- For cast iron 4IC330 IC830 IC808 IC810 
  ONHU 050505-TN-MM   5.0013.003.505.200.50- For general applications 3IC330 IC830 IC808 
  ONMU 050505-TN   5.0013.003.505.200.50-8.000.300.405606053 For cast iron 3IC810 DT7150 IC5100 
  ONMU 050505-TN-MM   5.0013.003.505.200.50-8.000.300.405606674 For general applications 5IC330 IC830 IC5400 IC4050 IC808 

ONHU - Precision ground
ONMU - Utility

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