LPGIR/L : Inserts for grooving L type grooves. Used for axial grooves inside radial grooves and for radial grooves inside axial grooves.
Right-hand shown
  DesignationW±0.02RMTmax-aL3aD1 minGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  LPGIL 12-8-2T4PR 1IC907 
  LPGIR 12-8-2T4PR 1IC907 
  LPGIL 12-8.5-3T5PR 3.000.303.504.5030.008.50200.06405171 1IC907 
  LPGIR 12-8.5-3T5PR 3.000.303.504.5030.008.50200.06405170 1IC907 
  LPGIL 12-9.5-4T6PR 4.000.403.505.5030.009.50200.06405169 1IC907 
  LPGIR 12-9.5-4T6PR 4.000.403.505.5030.009.50200.06405168 1IC907 
  LPGIL 12-11-5T6.5PR 5.000.404.506.0030.0011.00200.06405167 1IC907 
  LPGIR 12-11-5T6.5PR 5.000.404.506.0030.0011.00200.06405166 1IC907 

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