HFP-IQ : Exchangeable DFN drill heads for carbon and alloy steel (ISO P) and cast iron (ISO K). The drill head is designed with a honed cutting edge, available in increments of 0.5 mm.
  DesignationDSh1Po. SizeGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  HFP 330-IQ 33.0018.5011.233.05567051 1IC908 
  HFP 333-IQ 33.3018.5011.233.05568699 1IC908 
  HFP 335-IQ 33.5018.5011.233.05567052 1IC908 
  HFP 339-IQ 33.9018.5011.233.05569229 1IC908 
  HFP 340-IQ 34.0019.7012.134.05567053 1IC908 
  HFP 343-IQ 34.3019.7012.134.05569265 1IC908 
  HFP 345-IQ 34.5019.7012.134.05567054 1IC908 
  HFP 350-IQ 35.0019.7012.135.05567055 1IC908 
  HFP 355-IQ 35.5019.7012.135.05567056 1IC908 
  HFP 360-IQ 36.0020.8012.736.05567057 1IC908 
  HFP 365-IQ 36.5020.8012.736.05567058 1IC908 
  HFP 370-IQ 37.0020.8012.837.05567059 1IC908 
  HFP 375-IQ 37.5020.8012.837.05567060 1IC908 
  HFP 380-IQ 38.0022.0013.838.05567061 1IC908 
  HFP 385-IQ 38.5022.0013.838.05567062 1IC908 
  HFP 390-IQ 39.0022.0013.639.05567063 1IC908 
  HFP 395-IQ 39.5022.0013.639.05567064 1IC908 

Intermediate sizes can be supplied on request.

For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry