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SOMT-HD : Inserts for DR drills for carbon steel and soft materials
  DesignationIC S RE CBMD S1 S5 Mod ISYC SC Ins. ftrISCTMP ClssID IIC GICATGIREMgiicGrade
  SOMT 09T306-HD 9.003.810.60HD~1~9~HM200~201-02~S~T~~0.00~71DD68D829217~IS$$697954365920532~5510161 1IC808 
  SOMT 100408-HD 9.804.300.80HD~1~10~HM200~201-02~S~T~~0.00~71DD68D829217~IS$$150921757597889~3301627 1IC808 
  SOMT 110408-HD 11.504.800.80HD~1~11~HM200~201-02~S~T~~0.01~71DD68D829217~IS$$75460937166080~3301629 1IC808 
  SOMT 120408-HD 12.704.760.80HD~1~12~HM200~201-02~S~T~~0.01~71DD68D829217~IS$$531747203555219~5567124 1IC808 
  SOMT 160512-HD 16.005.561.20HD~1~16~HM200~201-02~S~T~~0.02~71DD68D829217~IS$$615092102554665~5567135 1IC808 
For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry

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