GIP-RX/LX : Precision ground, double-ended inserts for external grooving next to a shoulder.
  GIP 0.80-0.00LX 0.800.000.0301.602.401.60.020.046405053 1IC830 
  GIP 0.80-0.00RX 0.800.000.0301.602.401.60.020.046405024 1IC830 
  GIP 1.00-0.00LX 1IC830 
  GIP 1.00-0.00RX 1IC830 
  GIP 1.19-0.1RX 1IC808 
  GIP 1.57-0.15 LX 1.570.150.0302.702.401.70.040.066405049 1IC830 
  GIP 1.57-0.15 RX 1.570.150.0302.702.401.70.040.066405038 1IC830 
  GIP 1.57-0.79RX 1.570.790.0302.802.401.70.040.086404142 1IC808 
  GIP 2.00-0.15 LX 1IC830 
  GIP 2.00-0.15 RX 1IC830 
  GIP 2.39-0.15 RX 2.390.150.0303.502.401.70.050.096405508 1IC830 
  GIP 2.39-1.19RX 2.391.190.0503.902.401.70.060.126404145 1IC808 

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