PICCO R/L 060 : Inserts for internal turning and 45° chamfering, Dmin 5 mm.
Right-hand shown
  DesignationdR±0.04f1fal2l1Tmax-rD minGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  PICCO L 060.5-15 1IC228 
  PICCO R 060.5-15 1IC228 
  PICCO L 060.5-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 060.5-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 060.6-20 1IC908 
  PICCO R 060.6-25 1IC908 
  PICCO L 060.7-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 060.7-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 060.7-40 1IC908 

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