GIPI-RX/LX : Precision inserts for internal grooving next to shoulder. Double-ended, low feeds. 20 mm min. bore diameter.
RX shown
  GIPI 0.78-0.1LX 0.780.100.0301.601.300.020.046404138 1IC808 
  GIPI 1.00-0.00LX 1IC830 
  GIPI 1.00-0.00RX 1IC830 
  GIPI 1.19-0.1LX 1IC808 
  GIPI 1.57-0.15LX 1.570.150.0301.702.800.030.056404141 1IC808 
  GIPI 1.57-0.79LX 1.570.790.0501.702.800.030.066404143 1IC808 
  GIPI 2.00-0.10LX 1IC830 
  GIPI 2.00-0.10RX 1IC830 
  GIPI 2.39-0.2LX 2.390.200.0301.703.900.050.086404144 1IC808 
  GIPI 2.39-1.19LX 2.391.190.0501.703.900.050.106404146 1IC808 

Tool's pocket should be modified
For grooving and recessing only

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