VCGT-AS : 35° rhombic inserts with a 7° positive flank, very positive rake angle and sharp cutting edge for machining aluminum.
GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  VCGT 110301-AS 11.106.353.180.102.900.202.500.050.205593942 1IC908 
  VCGT 110302-AS 11.106.353.180.202.900.202.500.050.205592544 3IC920 IC20 IC520 
  VCGT 110304-AS 11.106.353.180.402.900.503.000.050.255597921 2IC20 IC520 
  VCGT 160401-AS 16.609.524.760.104.400.202.500.050.205507684 1IC20 
  VCGT 160402-AS 16.609.524.760.204.400.502.500.050.255540033 1IC20 
  VCGT 160404-AS 16.609.524.760.404.400.503.000.050.255598028 2IC20 IC520 
  VCGT 160408-AS 16.609.524.760.804.400.503.000.100.255540008 1IC20 
  VCGT 160412-AS 16.609.524.761.204.400.503.000.100.255598230 2IC20 IC520 
  VCGT 220530-AS 22.1012.705.563.005.501.504.500.150.305540015 1IC20 

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