GIQR/L-MT : Internal threading inserts with a 60° partial profile for threading in 8 mm and larger holes.
Left-hand shown Right-hand shown
  DesignationlR±0.03TmaxfD minPminTPI maxGICATGIREMgiicGrade
  GIQL 8-MT-0.05 7.780.051.504.808.000.90286402504 1IC528 
  GIQR 8-MT-0.05 7.780.051.504.808.000.90286402488 1IC528 
  GIQL 11-MT-0.05 10.680.052.006.7011.000.90286402669 1IC528 
  GIQR 11-MT-0.05 10.680.052.006.7011.000.90286402647 1IC528 

Can be used for thread milling by circular interpolation
Pitch max 0.19xD
D-diameter of thread

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