S-SUXCR/L-CM : Screw lock boring bars carrying four different 7° clearance geometries. CHAMTURN - part of the CHAMELEON multifunction system.
Right-hand shown
  Designationdl1l2hh1D minGa°Gr°R/LGICATGIREMgiic
  S16Q SUXCL-10 CM 16.00180.0045.015.07.520.000-1211.00L3601780 0
  S16Q SUXCR-10 CM 16.00180.0045.015.07.520.000-1211.00R3601779 0
  S20R SUXCL-10 CM 20.00200.0052. 0
  S20R SUXCR-10 CM 20.00200.0052. 0
  S25S SUXCL-10 CM 25.00250.0055.023.011.532.000-417.00L3601782 0
  S25S SUXCR-10 CM 25.00250.0055.023.011.532.000-417.00R3601781 0

The displayed data refers to CC95MT inserts, for other combinations and for Tmax, click on "More Info"