GIPA 8-35V (V-shape) : V-shaped inserts for machining aluminum wheels.
GICATGIREMgiicTough ‹————› Hard
Grade & Vc
  GIPA 6.0-35V-0.8 0.800.0504.801.003.600.210.486411135 1IC20 
  GIPA 8YZ-35V-0.80 0.800.0506.001.004.800.240.566402851 1IC4 
  GIPA 8YZ-35V-1.20 1.200.0506.001.454.800.240.626402850 1IC4 
  GIPA 8YZ-35V-1.20-D   1.200.0506.001.454.800.350.886404000 Single-ended PCD tipped insert 1ID5 
  GIPA 8-35V-1.20 1.200.0506.001.454.800.240.626402004 1IC20 
  GIPA 8-35V-1.20-D   1.200.0506.001.454.800.350.886402005 Single-ended PCD tipped insert 1ID5 
  GIPA 8-35V-3.0 3.000.0506.003.604.800.240.676402740 2IC20 IC4 

Precision ground and polished rake to avoid built-up edge
Toolholder seat needs to be modified according to insert profile to ensure clearance

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