PICCO-010/610 (face grooving) : Inserts for face grooving for Dmin 6 mm.
Right-hand shown
  DesignationD1 minWTmax-adal2l1R/Lffg
  PICCO R 010.1006-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1506-10 6.01.502.006.005.2011.026.00R0.010.046402834 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1008-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1008-30 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.1008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.1008-20 1IC228 
  PICCO L 010.1508-20 8.01.502.507.005.9021.035.00L0.010.046402847 1IC228 
  PICCO L 010.1508-30 8.01.502.507.005.9030.045.00L0.010.046403051 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1508-10 8.01.502.507.005.9011.026.00R0.010.046402694 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1508-20 8.01.502.507.005.9021.035.00R0.010.046402760 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.1508-30 8.01.502.507.005.9030.045.00R0.010.046402836 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.1508-10 8.01.502.506.005.2011.026.00R0.010.046402763 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.1508-20 8.01.502.506.005.2020.035.00R0.010.046402768 1IC228 
  PICCO L 010.2008-30 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2008-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2008-30 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.2008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.2008-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2508-10 8.02.503.507.005.9011.026.00R0.020.056402757 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2508-20 8.02.503.507.005.9021.035.00R0.020.056402692 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.2508-30 8.02.503.507.005.9030.045.00R0.020.056402838 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.2508-10 8.02.503.506.005.2011.026.00R0.020.056402765 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.2508-20 8.02.503.506.005.2020.035.00R0.020.056402770 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.3008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.3008-20 1IC228 
  PICCO R 010.3008-30 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.3008-10 1IC228 
  PICCO R 610.3008-20 1IC228 

Only right-hand inserts are available as standard
All inserts are with sharp corners

For cutting speed recommendations, click on the required grade number related to specific item geometry