ISO-Turning      Family : MGSIR/L   Solid carbide bars for internal turning and threading.      Designation : MGSIR 08-06W
Right-hand shown
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For WBMT 060102 Dmin=8.8 mm f=5.20 mm

Items Per Package : 1

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7000427SR 14-552Torx screwDetails SR 14-552  Torx screw 1<a href="javascript:OpenDxf('7000427', 'MGSIR 08-06W' , 'IscarDxf' , '7000427 - MGSIR 08-06W');"><img src="/eCatalog/media/images/dxf.png" border="0"></a>
7000428T-6/5Torx key flag T-6/5  Torx key flag 1 

91° for shoulder depth up to 2 mm
Use right-hand WBMT 06...R inserts on left-hand tools and left-hand WBMT 06...L inserts on right-hand tools.
In order to maintain high machining reliability we strongly recommend replacing the clamping screw every 10 insert indexes.