ISO-Turning      Family : S-SUXCR/L-CM   Screw lock boring bars for four different 7° clearance geometries. CHAMTURN - part of the CHAMELEON multifunction system.      Designation : S16Q SUXCR-10 CM
Right-hand shown
dl1l2hh1D minGa°Gr°R/L

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3601779 Not Available
3D Required
Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DD','3601779', 'S16Q SUXCR-10 CM' , 'STP');">3D Required</a><a href="FilesDownload.aspx?FileType=S&sFolder=STPL&cat=3601779&itemDesc=S16Q SUXCR-10 CM"><img src="/eCatalog/media/images/stp.png" border="0"></a>

Items Per Package : 1

  Spare Parts
7000402SR 14-544/STorx screwDetails SR 14-544/S Recommended tightening torque:4.8 N*m (42.5lbf*in)Torx screw <a href="javascript:OpenDxf('7000402', 'S16Q SUXCR-10 CM' , 'IscarDxf' , '7000402 - S16Q SUXCR-10 CM');"><img src="/eCatalog/media/images/dxf.png" border="0"></a>
Recommended tightening torque:4.8 N*m (42.5lbf*in)

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