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Groove-Turn      Family : GEHIR/L   Internal machining bars with a coolant holes using GEMI and GEPI inserts in widths larger than .075".      Designation : GEHIR 15.9-14-2-T2.6
Right-hand shown
W minW maxdD minTmax-rl1l2fAh1Inlet

Catalog NoPrimary View File(2D)Model (3D) DetailModel (3D) LightSTPL
2801147 Not Available
2D Required
Not Available
3D Required
Not Available
3D Required
Not Available<br /><a href="javascript:openDxfRequest('3DL','2801147', 'GEHIR 15.9-14-2-T2.6' , 'STPLI');">3D Required</a>

Items Per Package : 1

  Spare Parts
7000224SR 16-236Torx screwDetails SR 16-236 Recommended tightening torque:5.3 N*m (47lbf*in)Torx screw  
Recommended tightening torque:5.3 N*m (47lbf*in)
7000819PL 062Coolant fitting PL 062  Coolant fitting