Matrix FAQ

Q: Can Matrix be integrated with other software programs?
A: Yes. Matrix can be integrated into users' supply chains, for which purpose a generic interface can be provided to ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems as well as a bespoke interface to SAP. We are also working with other software vendors to expand our capabilities in inventory control.

Q: Can Matrix be integrated with other machines in the shop?
A: Yes. We have teamed with Okuma and Zoeller so that the Matrix integrates with the Okuma Thinc Center and the Zoeller presetter.

Q: Can Matrix manage Non-Matrix cabinets?
A: Yes. Matrix software interfaces with, and controls, other types of cabinets such as the Kardex Shuttle and non-automatic warehouse systems. Other locker options are being investigated for linking the system to outside housing of items larger than those able to fit into the Matrix bins.

Q: What type of devices can Matrix use for logging in?
A: The Matrix can use a Barcode Scanner, Magnetic Strip Card Reader, Proximity Card Reader and a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner.

Q: How do I know when to reorder tooling?
A: The Matrix can be set up to email or print purchase orders when quantities fall below a predetermined amount. Orders can be sent according to a schedule convenient to the company. Virtually eliminating running out of tooling during critical times.

Q: How much tooling can the Matrix hold?
A: Depending on the model, drawer types and number of drawers, it can hold from as few as 76 up to 2376 unique items. Each drawer can hold 110 pounds of tooling

Q: What types of tooling can the Matrix hold?
A: It can hold all types of tooling from a single insert to drills and end mills to Cat 40 type tool holders.

Q: Is the Matrix easy to use?
A: Yes. With its touch screen interfaceand intuitive software, dispensing tooling is as easy as using an ATM machine.

Q: Can I get different drawer and bin configurations?
A: Yes. At this time we have 4 different Matrix configurations that we stock. 2 MAXIs and 2 MINIs. Custom configurations can also be ordered and are assembled here in Charlotte so no additional lead times are required. See our Cabinet Configurations page for all the drawers types that we have available.

Q: How much space does a Matrix take up?
A: The Matrix MAXI is 51" Wide x 28" Deep and only 57" Tall to the top of the touch screen. It can fit on a standard pallet. The Matrix MINI is 33" Wide x 22" Deep and only 30" Tall to the top of the touch screen. Both are 3” shorter without a Touch Screen.

Q: How much does the Matrix weigh?
A: The MAXI weighs 750 pounds empty. The MINI weighs 350 pounds empty.

Q: Does the Matrix work in different languages?
A: Yes. The Matrix can be programmed to work in the language of the individual user. Presently there are 26 languages available.
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Q: How long does it usually take to get a Matrix installed?
A: The actual installation is 2 days. First day is for assembly, software configuration, data loading and tool loading. The second day is for training and installing the Manage program on 2 office PCs. Prior to installation data must be compiled in our easy to fill out preformatted datasheets which are in Excel format. We usually schedule installation a month in advance.

Q: What if I don't like the Matrix?
A: Everybody loves the Matrix. We make sure it is what you really want and need before you make a final decision. We do not take returns because we can't sell used machines.

Q: What is the warranty on the Matrix?
A: Click here to view warranty.

Q: How is the software licensed?
A: Click here to view Software License Agreement.

Q: What if I need more space than the Matrix has available?
A: Add on units, called pods, are available to expand the Matrix's tool storage space. MAXI and MINI pods are available. They are easy to install and share the database of the existing Matrix machine. Since they work via IP addresses a direct connection to the machine is not required. Only a CAT5 connection into your existing network.

Q: Is anything special needed to hook up the Matrix?
A: No. The Matrix uses a standard 110 volt outlet and a standard Cat 5 internet connection.

Q: Where are the matrix machines inventoried in the USA?
A: Charlotte, NC