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Heavy Machining

          The DOVE-IQ-TURN clamping mechanism can
          firmly mount double-sided inserts that feature
          double negative prism flanks. The dovetail pocket
          and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert
          from being lifted by the cutting forces.

                                                                          The Cutting Forces Tend to Cause the Standard Insert
                                                                                to Tilt in Standard Lever Clamp Tools

          The DOVE-IQ-TURN double-sided inserts
          can be used under heavy chip load conditions.
          There are three insert geometries with
          prismatic flanks: WOMG-R3P-IQ, COMG-R3P-IQ
          and SOMG-R3P-IQ designed with a new R3P
          chipformer for rough turning of steel. The new
          system enables 50% higher metal removal rates,
          compared to NMG double-sided insert.

                                                                            Double-Sided Dovetailed Prismatic Flank Inserts
                                                                                     are Firmly Held in Place

            D.O.C.                                                      D.O.C.

                0.1  0.3   0.5  0.7  0.9  1.1 f (mm/rev)                    0.1  0.3   0.5  0.7  0.9  1.1 f (mm/rev)

                      Standard NMG Type Inserts                                New Dovetail OMG-R3P-IQ Inserts

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