Drilling Profile Construction Beams

Structural beams with different cross-sectional profiles (H-, I-, channel-beams, etc.) are commonly used elements in areas such as civil engineering and railway, naval and other heavy industries. The profile cross section significantly increases stiffness in the required directions and therefore ensures the safe functioning of structured frames under heavy loads. In construction, structural beams are bolted, riveted or welded.

ISCAR ‘Automotive-ated’ to Provide Advanced Tooling Solutions

Constantly changing factors such as unstable oil prices, ever more demanding environmental protection legislations and the evolution of more efficient technologies ensures a continually changing global automotive market place. These factors also increase the ongoing competition between car makers and OEMs and dictate today's automotive industry manufacturing trends.

Multi-Mastering New Applications

Launched at the begining of the new millennium, the MULTI-MASTER family, is a range of rotating tools with interchangeable carbide cutting heads of relatively small diameters.

LOGIQ tool range
ISCAR introduces a new standard in cutting tool excellence with the LOGIQ range of tooling solutions. Designed to perform essential tasks in the most efficient possible method, LOGIQ tools achieve stable, vibration free machining with higher repeatability. LOGIQ-inspired tools reflect ISCAR’s commitment to deliver high quality products that increase productivity and profitability.