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Efficient Full Slot Milling Cutters Carrying Square Inserts with 8 Cutting Edges

HELISLOT is a family of full slot milling cutters with square inserts that provide an effective and economical solution for machining slots and grooves.

The cutters carry XNMU 130608… inserts with a unique configuration.

The robust double-sided square inserts feature 8 (4 right-hand and 4 left-hand) helical cutting edges and unique twisted upper and bottom surfaces. The inserts, when clamped on the cutter, produce staggered teeth with alternating axial rakes, which contribute to very stable cutting even under a high chip load. The twisted positive rakes cause a smooth cutting action.

Due to a combination of staggered teeth, positive rake and rigid insert clamping, the cutters feature high performance reliability and productivity.

The cutters are available in the diameter range of 32-200 mm for 14-24 mm slot widths.

The unique XNMU 13.. inserts are probably the first double-sided inserts with 4 R.H. and 4 L.H. helical cutting edges for slot milling cutters. They are made from the advantageous SUMO TEC carbide grades, designed for general applications on alloy steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and cast iron components.

  • Durable insert with 8 cutting edges
  • Staggered teeth with positive rakes
  • Rigid insert clamping
  • Bent shape and quad hole for accurate positioning
  • Slot width range : 14-24 mm (0.55 – 0.94 ")

  • Economical
  • High productivity
  • Easy and smooth cutting

 Operation capability:

Diameter range:
Metric: 40-48 mm
Imperial: 1.46 "

Metric: 100-200 mm
Imperial: 4.0-8.0"

Metric: 100-200 mm
Imperial: 4.0-8.0"

 Insert size: 13 mm

Insert geometry:
  • XNMU 130608PNN-MM
  • XNMU 130608PNTN
  • XNMU 130608PNN-PL

  • IC808
  • IC830
  • IC330
  • IC5400
  • IC845
  • IC810
  • IC5100

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