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New Solid Ceramic Endmills for Machining Nickel-Based Superalloys


ISCAR's new solid ceramic endmills were introduced recently to meet the growing demand for processing nickel-based high temperature superalloys (HTSA), such as various grades of Inconel, Incoloy, Haynes, etc. in the aerospace industry, and the demand to decrease production costs and increase productivity. The new tools enable increasing the cutting speed by up to 50 times when compared to carbide tools, thereby drastically saving machining hours and reducing production costs. The new endmills can also be successfully applied to productive roughing of cast iron and graphite.

  • 6 to 20 mm diameters
  • There are 2 configurations:
    E3 - with 3 flutes for shouldering applications
    E7 - with 7 flutes, feed mill style for rough applications
  • Relieved neck diameter behind the effective cutting edge for machining next to shoulders

Operation capability:

For more information click here:
EC-E3/E7-CE (ceramic)
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