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Move out of the Maze with
ISCAR's Intelligent Chip Movers

The TANGSLOT product line comprises cutters which are used very successfully in applications which require accurate grooves.
They can be used for parting as well.

  • 6.0 to 14.6 mm (0.25 – 0.57 ") width range
  • The shape of the LNET 12.. insert and the tangential clamping on the cutter results in narrow slotting cutters with a fine pitch
  • The positive, rake face chipformer reduces cutting forces and power consumption by 15%-25%. It also directs chips away from cut area, leaving the side surfaces unscratched
  • This configuration has less chattering problems and better tool life, using tangential insert type with 4 cutting edges (two right-hand and two left-hand cutting edges)
  • LNET 12... inserts are designed for general applications, especially on cast iron and steel
  • Including FDN (flanged type) and SDN (disc type) slot milling cutters

 Operation capability:

Diameter range:
Integral Cutters:
Metric: 80-250 mm
Imperial: 3-10"

Adjustable Cutters:
The adjustable cutters were designed in order to cover the range which the integral cutters do not cover and to minimize the need for special tools.
  • Diameter range: 100-200 mm
  • Cartridges: CA 06-08 , CA 08-10 , CA 10-14 right-handed and left-handed
  • Slot width range: 6-14.6 mm (.24-.57")

 Insert size: 12 mm

  • IC928
  • IC910
  • IC328

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