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Power Chuck - Heavy Duty Clamping Power for Fast Metal Removal

With the MAXIN tool, only a small tightening torque compresses the frontal nose, providing an extremely high gripping force.
It is designed for roughing and finishing applications in milling where high torque transmission, maximum accuracy, compactness and easy operation are required.

  • Clamping nut is not threaded (as in ER collet chucks)
  • Designed for direct chucking of the tool shank (no need for intermediate collet) for maximum gripping force
  • Sealed nut construction
  • No axial drawback of the tool shank as chuck is tightened
  • Thick wall construction to withstand greater side loading forces

The high gripping force achieved by the MAXIN power chuck results from the shallow nose tapered cone (1) with helical slot (3) inside the internal chuck bore. It exerts a very high clamping force when the clamping nut (2) is rotated in the axial direction. The shallow taper of the tool nose (1) and the angled position of the needle bearing (4) that sits in the cage create the axial movement of the clamping nut (2).
This unique clamping mechanism eliminates axial movement of the shank while clamping, simplifying the preset process.
Runout Accuracy: Maximum runout at 100 mm. Overhang is less than 0.01 mm.

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