Flat SUMOCHAM Drilling Heads

ISCAR is extending the application range of the successful SUMOCHAM drilling line by adding flat face drilling heads. The new flat face drilling heads are designated FCP, designed for drilling steel components (ISO P & ISO K material group).
The new drilling heads are available in 6 to 25.9 mm diameters, in 0.1 mm increments.
Drilling with the FCP inserts provides a nearly flat bottom in the hole, which is required in a variety of applications.

FCP Drill Head Features
  • Can be mounted on any SUMOCHAM drill featuring the appropriate pocket size.
  • The recommended cutting conditions for the FCP drilling heads are the same as those recommended for ICP drilling heads.
  • The FCP drilling heads are made from IC908 TiAlN PVD coated grade.

For more information about FCP, click here.
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