Heavy Duty, 65° Face Mills with Tangentially Clamped Inserts


ISCAR is introducing the T465 FLN D…22ST - a modified family of 65° lead angle face mills with protective seats. The 65° lead angle is a very efficient solution for high metal removal face machining of cast iron and steel components. Using these face mills minimizes burrs and edge chipping for cast iron applications.
The new face mills carry tangentially clamped inserts with 4 cutting edges, which can be used for up to 19 mm depth of cut.
The T465 LNHT 2212-DN... inserts feature a high positive rake cutting angle for a light cut and minimum power consumption, and a positive axial angle (R.H. helix) for soft entry to and exit from the workpiece. The insert has a 2.5 mm flat wiper for high quality surface finish. In addition, available are inserts with chip splitting grooves that can greatly improve performance in rough milling operations.
Available are three edge configurations:
T465 LNHT 2212-DNTR in grades IC830, IC5400, DT7150, IC5100 and IC810, used for steel and cast iron.
T465 LNHT 2212-DN-R in grade IC330, used for machining stainless steel and high temperature alloys.
T465 LNMT 2212-CS in grades IC830 and IC5400.
The tools were designed for machining large parts such as those found in power generation or marine industries.
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