OXMT 0507R08-FF and RXMT 1607N Inserts
Expand HELIDO Mills Application Options


ISCAR is further expanding the HELIDO line by introducing the OXMT 0507R08-FF insert, which was designed to add the FEEDMILL’s extremely high feed ability to the popular HELIDO 845 and 890 milling lines and the moderate feed advantage to the HELIDO 865 line.
Another innovation is the RXMT 1607N round insert which adds profiling and corner rounding application options to the SOF45…, SOE45…, S890… and FF-SOF… milling cutter families.
The OXMT 0507R08-FF is a single-sided insert. In comparison to the entry angles obtained on the tools when the original ONMU/ONHU 0505… inserts are used; the new insert features 8 large radius cutting edges rotated by 15° CCW.
The new entry angles were achieved by a 15° rotation of the cutting edges relative to the bottom flanks of the insert.
The new FEEDMILL OXMT 0507R08-FF insert is produced from the advantageous SUMO TEC carbide grade IC808. The RXMT 1607N round insert is produced from the very tough grade IC830.
As with other FEEDMILL tools, the resultant cutting forces are directed axially towards the spindle. This provides high stability and enables machining at high feeds with long overhang, using small to medium machines; or machining less rigidly clamped workpieces and yet being able to attain considerable metal removal rates.

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