SGSA Slitting Cutters Family with Fine Pitch Cutters

  • High tooth density cutters can run at very high table feeds, providing Fast Metal Removal (FMR).
  • Successfully competes against brazed and H.S.S. tools (which also feature high tooth density cutters).
  • Despite their fine pitch construction, the cutters have relatively large chip gullets which enable machining up to 0.2xD slitting depth.
  • Unique product: At this stage no other company offers standard fine pitch slitting cutters with such small indexable inserts.
  • Customers who currently use coarse pitch cutters for shallow slitting may improve their productivity by switching to the new SGSA fine pitch cutters.
  • Stability: As fine pitch cutters have more teeth engaged simultaneously in the material, they are less susceptible to vibration.

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • Metric: 32 - 125 mm
  • Imperial: 1.26-3.937"

Insert sizes:
  • Metric: 3-4 mm
  • Imperial: .118-.157"

Insert geometry:
  • IC908
  • IC328

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