New HD Chipbreaker for Drilling Low Carbon Steel

It is well-known that the main challenge of machining low carbon steel is to avoid long curly chips that might jam in the drill’s gullets and damage the tool, which may poorly affect hole quality and interrupt the drilling process.

The new chipformer prevents that phenomenon by cutting the material into short chips which are easily evacuated along the flutes.

The new chipbreaker was implemented on SOMX 05, 06, 07, SOMT 09, 10, 11, 12, 16 and AOMT 04 inserts with 4 cutting edges.

The suffix HD designates the new inserts, for example: SOMX 070305-HD.
The new -HD chipbreaker produces short chips, due to a higher deflector, in comparison with the DT or the GF chipbreaker construction

  • Excellent chipbreaking on soft materials
  • High surface quality
  • High hole diameter accuracy

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