2 mm Wide, 32 mm Long Inserts for Parting up to 60 mm Diameters

The tools feature a relativley short head construction and screw clamp for high rigidity, providing smooth cutting, when compared to other tools available in the market.

Clamping and release of the screw is done from the bottom of the tool.

Due to their high rigidity and 2 mm thin width, the new tools can save workpiece material.

The tools produce excellent surface finish and straightness.

The new DGN 2002C/J-XL inserts which are made from IC808, IC830 and IC5400 SUMO TEC grades were tested and compared with competitors’ similar products. They provided better tool life and improved machining results.

The DGN 2002-XL insert is available in either C- or J-type chipformers, producing optimal chip formation on a wide variety of workpiece materials.
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