Small Diameter Face Machining Systems

Tool: HGHR/L
Insert: GRIP… / HGPL…

W = 3 mm
Tmax = 6 mm
Min. dia. = 12 mm

Integral shank toolholder which uses double-ended 3 mm inserts. Used for face grooving and face turning of small parts, for 12 mm minimum groove diameter.
Tool: HGAER/L…
Tool: HFAER/L…
Insert: HFPR/L…

W = 3-6 mm
Tmax = 32 mm
Min. dia. = 12 mm

Exchangeable external adapters. Used with HELIFACE and GRIP inserts, for deep face machining.
Tool: PENTA 34F
W = 2.39-4 mm
Tmax = 5 mm
Min. dia. = 22 mm

Pentagonal insert for face grooving and recessing up to 5 mm depth of cut at a minimum 22 mm diameter.
Tool: PICCO R010
W = 1-3 mm
Tmax = 3.5 mm
Min. dia. = 6 mm

Small solid carbide bars, for machining shallow grooves from 6 mm minimum diameter.
Tool: PICCO R015
W = 2.5-3 mm
Tmax = 30 mm
Min. dia. = 15 mm

Small solid carbide bars for machining deep face grooves of up to 30 mm and 15 mm minimum diameter.
Tool: MIFHR 9.5C-8-8
Insert: MIFR 8-…

W = 1.5-3 mm
Tmax = 5.5 mm
Min. dia. = 8 mm

MINCUT - A new family of internal face grooving and face turning tools for machining small diameters ranging from 8-17 mm. Strong and stable tangential pocket with internal coolant.
Tool: MGCH 09C
Insert: GFQR…

W = 1-2.5 mm
Tmax = 3 mm
Min. dia. = 12 mm

A screw-clamped insert on an internal coolant solid carbide bar. Used for machining shallow grooves of 12 mm minimum diameter.
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