Double-Ended Deep Machining Inserts

The HELIFACE twisted insert body shape makes it possible to machine deeper than insert length. The rear cutting edge slants in relation to the frontal cutting edge and does not make contact with the groove surface.The double prismatic clamping surfaces guarantee stability in seat and efficient side-turning options.

IMPORTANT: Right-hand insert must be used with right-hand tools and left-hand with left-hand tools.

The unique chipformer is designed for deep grooving and face turning both towards and away from center, with excellent chip formation.

For general use in turning & grooving on all kinds of materials. Use for deep grooving in low-to-medium feeds 0.04-0.15mm/rev.
Min. grooving dia.12 mm.

The “all in one” insert
for parting, external grooving and turning, internal grooving and turning, face grooving and turning.


For grooving operations only.
Strong cutting edge for hard materials and tough applications in feeds 0.1-0.2 mm/rev.

DO-GRIP - DGN...J Type
For grooving operations only.
Positive rake, for soft materials in low-to-medium feeds 0.05-0.15 mm/rev.
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