TGSF Slitting Cutters with TANG-GRIP Tangentially Clamped Inserts

  • Very rigid clamping design, increased pocket life, in comparison to any former SELF-GRIP clamping system
  • Excellent part straightness and surface finish
  • Very rigid cutter, resulting in fewer vibrations during cutting, which are especially prominent with large cutter diameters
  • No problem of inserts being pulled out due to centrifugal force, therefore can be used at high RPM, suitable also for machining aluminum
  • Very accurate grooving dimensions and repeatability due to long and rigid pocket
  • Tangentially oriented pocket enables designing fine pitch cutters
  • The same inserts, offering several chipformer options, can be used for both slitting cutters and parting tools

Operation capability:

Diameter range:
  • Metric: 50-160 mm
  • Imperial: 1.97-6.3"

Insert sizes:
  • Metric: 1.6 - 4 mm
  • Imperial: .0629-.157"

Insert geometries:
J, JT, C, A

Recommended grades
  • IC830
  • IC808
  • IC020

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