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ISCAR’s Innovative Clamping System

Rough turning is characterized by high D.O.C. (4-10 mm) and high feed rates (0.4-1.0 mm/rev).
Usually large single-sided inserts are used on top-clamp toolholders to withstand interrupted cut and high machining load. The current method of using single-sided inserts and top-clamp holders has the disadvantages of a small amount of cutting edges and interrupted chip flow due to the obstruction of the top clamp.

ISCAR has developed an innovative dovetail pocket combined with a lever clamping mechanism. The new system provides a very firm and rigid insert clamping, eliminating the need for a top clamp, which interrupts chip flow.
The DOVE IQ TURN clamping mechanism can firmly hold double-sided inserts featuring double negative prism flanks. The dovetail pocket and insert prismatic flanks prevent the insert from being lifted by the cutting forces.
Available are three insert geometries with prismatic flanks: WOMG-R3P-IQ, COMG-R3P-IQ and SOMG-R3P-IQ, designed with a new R3P chipformer for rough turning of steel.
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