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80° Rhombic Insert with High Helical Cutting Edge for High Metal Removal Rates

The CNMX 1207..-HTW insert features a very positive radial, helical cutting edge and a positive rake angle - a combination which substantially reduces cutting forces. The insert's corner has a wiper configuration which produces high surface finish even at high feed conditions, which on many occasions can eliminate a finishing cut. The corner angle is 88°, which provides increased strength.
The CNMX inserts are designed for heavy machining applications. Their unique design ensures reliable, fast metal removal when using 80° rhombic inserts.
They can be mounted on any standard toolholder that carries standard CNMG inserts, but the seat has to be replaced with a special seat: TCH 4.
ISCAR's R-clamp toolholders are most recommended for heavy machining applications.
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