Threading Inserts with 10 Cutting Corners

This unique geometry is a 16 mm round insert with 5 double-sided corners, providing 10 cutting corners.
The geometry provides the most economical price per threading corner (when compared with the popular 3 corner lay down inserts).
In the initial stage, ISCAR introduced the most popular thread profiles and pitch sizes:

  • TTG-16E-ISO - ISO – Metric
  • TTG-16E-UN - UN – Unified thread
  • TTG-16E-A55 - Partial 55° profile
  • TTG-16E-A60 - 60° profile

The DECA-IQ-THREAD line was developed according to an advanced technological procedure, which results in very accurate geometry and edge location repeatability after corner indexing.

The inserts are made from the versatile grade IC908. The new inserts also provide advantageous tool life when compared to major threading insert manufacturers.

The tools that carry the inserts feature coolant channels designed also for the use of high pressure coolant.

4 corner indexing can be performed by only a partial opening of the clamping screw, so the indexing action is short and easy, and no setup operation is then required.

NPA 35-2015 - View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)
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