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MINCUT Inserts for Face Machining

The MINCUT line represents the largest variety of small diameter holders and inserts. The MINCUT 8 / 10 & 15 insert line can cover minimum diameters from 8 mm up to 60 mm and, in some cases, with no diameter limit. ISCAR has recently introduced a new family of MINCUT inserts for external face grooving and turning next to long shafts.

The MEFL 8… inserts are available in 1.5 to 2.2 mm widths with square and round edges for the diameter range of 8 to 20 mm and up to 5.5 mm grooving depth.

The MEFL 8… inserts are screw-clamped into the long pocket of the standard MIFHR 8... bars, with very rigid clamping, resulting in prolonged tool life and enabling high machining parameters

For more information about the MINCUT line, please click here.

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