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MM GRT (shanks) : Mount Slitting and Grooving Interchangeable Milling Heads
Related holders for : MM HC120C13R2.0-2T08
  MM GRT-120C-T08    0T0812.0078.0~100.00C10.12ZYL01G1200h$06~2801081 0
  MM GRT-127C-T08    0T0812.7096.0~120.00C10.17ZYL01G1270h$06~2801211 0
MM GRT... shanks serve mainly for MM GRIT... slitting heads. When mounting other types of milling heads, do not exceed maximum specified depth of cut for the particular milling head. Since the shank diameter is not relieved, it may touch a wall on the workpiece being machined.
Use carbide shanks for groove milling heads and for applications requiring high rigidity and processes.

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