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NUT ER-MINI/UM : Clamping nuts for DIN 6499 ER collet chucks.(-)Clamping Nuts for DIN 6499 ER Collet Chucks(+)
  NUT ER11 MINI    016.0010.80M13X0.7529.44513072 0
  NUT ER11 UM    019.0011.30M14X0.7549.14513073 0
  NUT ER16 MINI    022.0018.00M19X1.039.24513001 0
  NUT ER16 UM    028.0017.00M22X1.568.74513002 0
  NUT ER20 MINI    028.0019.00M24X1.078.54513003 0
  NUT ER20 UM    034.0019.50M25X1.5117.74513004 0
  NUT ER25 MINI    035.0020.00M30X1.098.14502578 0
  NUT ER25 UM    042.0020.00M32X1.5196.24513005 0
  NUT ER32 UM    050.0022.00M40X1.5215.84513006 0
  NUT ER40 UM    063.0025.00M50X1.5245.34513007 0
  NUT ER50 UM    078.0035.00M64X2.0343.44513008 0

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