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PRESET ER-JET : Preset screws with oil holes for ER sealed collets (optional).(-)Preset Screws with Oil Holes for ER Sealed Collets (optional)(+)
  Designation  GIFUT5THOD LB LB_2 Fig. GICATGIREMgiic
  PRESET ER-JET 8X1    0M8X115.00-1.4505237 0
  PRESET ER-JET 8X1.25    0M8X1.2515.00-1.4513091 0
  PRESET ER-JET 10X1.5    0M10X1.515.00-1.4513092 0
  PRESET ER-JET 12X1    0M12X115.00-1.4505238 0
  PRESET ER-JET 12X1.75    0M12X1.7515.00-1.4502384 0
  PRESET ER-JET 12X1.75L    0M12X1.7540.0015.02.4513094 0
  PRESET ER-JET 14X1    0M14X115.00-1.4505239 0
  PRESET ER-JET 16X2    0M16X215.00-1.4513095 0
  PRESET ER-JET 16X2L    0M16X240.0015.02.4513096 0
  PRESET ER-JET 18X1    0M18X115.00-1.4505240 0
  PRESET ER-JET 18X1.5    0M18X1.515.00-1.4513097 0
  PRESET ER-JET 18X1.5L    0M18X1.540.0015.02.4513098 0
  PRESET ER-JET 22X1.5    0M22X1.515.00-1.4516009 0
  PRESET ER-JET 22X1.5L    0M22X1.540.0015.02.4513100 0
  PRESET ER-JET 28X1.5    0M28X1.515.00-1.4502580 0

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