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MM S-A (stepped shanks) : MULTI-MASTER, stepped cylindrical shanks for solid carbide milling heads. Available are steel, solid carbide and tungsten shank materials. Tungsten shanks have coolant holes.(-)Stepped Cylindrical Shanks Mount Interchangeable Milling Heads(+)
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  Designation  GIFUT5THSZWS DCONMS BD LB LBX OAL Shank  Shank m. CSP  Fig. RPMX  CCMS ApplMat StaSteelCastIronHardMa SupTit CutEdMatCoating GICATGIREMgiic
  MM S-A-L060-C08-T05    0T058.007.6012.5015.060.00CS0-600000.02ZYL01F8000h$06~       3103051 0
  MM S-A-L065/24-SL08T05C    0T058.007.6024.0025.665.00SLC0-600000.04ZYL01F8000h$06~       3336766 0
  MM S-A-L070-C08-T05-C    0T058.007.6018.6020.070.00CC0-600000.04ZYL01F8000h$06~       3103499 0
  MM S-A-L070-C08-T05-W    0T058.007.6018.9020.070.00CW0-600000.06ZYL01F8000h$06~       3104398 0
  MM S-A-L090-C08-T05-C    0T058.007.6038.6040.090.00CC0-501600.06ZYL01F8000h$06~       3103500 0
  MM S-A-L090-C08-T05-W    0T058.007.6038.6040.090.00CW0-360900.07ZYL01F8000h$06~       3104435 0
  MM S-A-L110-C08-T05-C    0T058.007.6057.9060.0110.00CC0-306000.07ZYL01F8000h$06~       3103501 0
  MM S-A-L110-C08-T05-W    0T058.007.6058.9060.0110.00CW0-210600.09ZYL01F8000h$06~       3104399 0
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Do not apply lubricant to the threaded connection

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