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PLT : Cover plate protects the serrated faces when a single toolholder is used.(-)Cover Plate Protects the Serrated Faces When a Single Toolholder is Used(+)
  PLT 16 M3x12 DIN9124550337 0
  PLT 20    020.008.517.00SR M4x14 DIN9124550338 0
  PLT 25    025.0010.221.00SR M4x16 DIN79914550339 0
  PLT 32    032.0013.928.00SR M5x20 DIN79914550340 0
  PLT 40    040.0017.435.00SR M6x25 DIN79914550341 0
  PLT 50    050.0021.447.50SR M8x25 DIN79914550342 0
  PLT 63    063.0026.462.00SR M10x30 DIN79914550343 0
  PLT 80    080.0033.982.50SR M12x35 DIN79914550344 0

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